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Solar power that's good for your wallet and the planet.

We help home and business owners produce hot water and electricity with our customized solar solutions

Is This Your Reality?

  • Power cuts disrupting your life, leaving you scrambling for backup, while your neighbors enjoy the comfort of solar?

  • Rising electricity bills draining your wallet and causing constant stress?

  • Longing for reliable power and lower costs, but unsure where to start?

Imagine a happier surprise next time you see your bill. With Cedar Sun, solar power makes it possible.

We offer efficient solar solutions that can drastically reduce your energy costs, giving you peace of mind and a brighter home.

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Sun's Out, Bills Down

Savings All Year Round with Cedar Sun

Imagine the surprise of seeing a fraction of your usual electricity bill this month. Our neighbors in Lebanon are experiencing this reality thanks to Cedar Sun's solar solutions.

Stop letting rising costs cast a shadow on your life. Download our free PDF guide, "Real People, Real Savings" and see how solar power is making a real difference among our clients. Also included in the guide are the Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Solar:

Our Solar Solutions


Uses solar energy to heat water for your home.


Harnesses solar power to operate a pump, ideal for irrigation or transferring water without relying on the grid.


Generates clean electricity from sunlight using photovoltaic panels.


Uses solar energy to heat your swimming pool or your home's living space.

Solar powered water heater

Going Solar Made Easy

It's simple! Just "Chat" with our experts, we'll "Install" a customized solar system for your needs, and then you can finally "Take Control" of your energy consumption.




Talk to our experts & discover the perfect solar solution for you.


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Relax, our pros handle everything with a seamless installation.

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Take Control

Monitor your savings & enjoy energy independence in real-time.

What OUR clients say


Our electricity at home is 24/24 after the offgrid installation. Fouad and Kamal also installed our hot water system (300L) which provides free hot water almost all year long.


Since installing the pool & space heating system, our fuel expense has decreased by 40%. We use the system to heat the house and pool and it's working flawlessly. My wife and I highly recommend working with Fouad Braidy to anyone looking to save money on their energy expenses.


Fouad installed the solar water heater in my gym almost 10 years ago and it still works perfectly with minimal maintenance. Quality product and great service. Definitely recommended!


My old solar water heating system was inefficient, so I replaced it with a new one from Fouad Braidy. The new system has been working great for 7 years and is connected to my central heating system.

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2,650L Water Heating System in Tripoli

80,000L Pool & 300sqm Space Heating System in Baalbek

Solar Water Heater Panels

20kW On-Grid System in Zahle

16.5kW Water Pump System in Tal El Akhdar

Solar Water Heater Panels

9kW Hybrid System in Zahle

4.4kW Off-Grid Residential System in Joub Jannine

1,000L Water Heating System in Jdita

600L Water Heating System in Achrafieh

Tired of Rising Electricity Bills?

Solar is the Answer.

We know that you're a homeowner who values a comfortable life and wants to be financially independent. But the recent crisis in Lebanon has disrupted your daily routine, leaving you frustrated with unreliable electricity and rising costs.

Unpredictable power cuts disrupt your life, while dishonest service providers and skyrocketing electricity bills drain your wallet. You feel helpless and want a solution.

This is why we have spent the last 15 years helping homeowners decrease their utility bills without compromising their standard of living. For us at Cedar Sun Lebanon, Reliability is our promise. You can count on us to provide a solar system that delivers consistent power and long-lasting performance.

Solar Panel Installation

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